BIM – Virtual Design and Construction

BIM Modeling & Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) 

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the A/E/C industry-wide term for the creation and use of Building Information Models (BIMs). Once laser scanning/ reality capture have been completed, clients have virtually endless options of how to use the collected point cloud data. Whether your informational prerogative involves trade coordination, cost estimating, logistics analysis, schedule forecasting, project visualization, fabrication feasibility, or design verification – IKERD can do it all. A tried and true facility assets management solution, VDC technology offers the ability to identify and resolve conflicts sooner and communicate and collaborate with other professionals in a visual and meaningful way. 

IKERD Provides Model Creation for Various System Types: 

MEP & Related Building Systems  

Electrical, Piping, Plumbing, Medical Gas, HVAC Systems  

Interior and Enclosures Systems 

Drywall Systems, EFIS, Masonry, Metal Panel, Damp  

Proofing, Glass Curtain Wall, Architectural Pre-Cast, Stone  


Steel, Cast-In-Place Concrete, PT, Precast, Masonry,  

Timber, Cold Formed Metal Framing, Wood Framing, Steel Joists  

Civil Site  

Site Surfaces, Subgrade Utilities   



Formula 1 Track 

Dallas Arboretum 

SMU Moody Coliseum