Why should I consider IKERD for my career?

Because we:

  1. Are guided by our core values of Improvement | Communication | Loyalty | Excellence | Integrity.
  2. Feel every project should be an exceptional experience for each team member.
  3. Know the greater purpose of what we do and embrace the responsibility of stewardship.
  4. Respect and support a passion for learning and ambition for improvement.
  5. Encourage and create a learning environment where everyone can contribute and have a voice that is heard.
  6. Work across our offices as One Team sharing resources, workload, challenges and joy of a job well done.
  7. Embrace a dynamic, diverse, industry changing team that works on projects across the world.
  8. Mentor industry leaders who are recognized as international experts in the areas of our firms’ practice.
  9. Mentor and train our internal team for leadership and growth.
  10. Like to grow our own and know how to care for, reward, and advance employees as they grow.
  11. Create a team that is made up of individuals who are smart, hardworking and grounded in integrity.
  12. Have winning records in our industry with a team who is smarter than average and work harder than most.
  13. Have a mission that is summarized in our mantra: “Beat Chaos!