We continue to assist your growth in your position by encouraging you to grow in your overall well-being by presenting new skill-appropriate challenges when applicable. As a team of servant leaders, we encourage each person to own their education and set ambitious goals for their own growth. With a growth-mindset, we believe that IKERD employees can grow beyond their entry level positions. We believe in the self-confidence that learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities brings. Our pillars of growth include:

Technical Training

We choose applicants with strong character and growth mindsets, who believe they can succeed in whatever they put their minds too. We assist your training in multiple engineering applications by providing the tools and mentoring necessary for becoming proficient. Each team member is purposely challenge by working through our different departments on the team as they begin learning and growing in their career.

Leadership & Management Development

We train our team members to become leaders, because the best team, and ultimately, important clients come from each individual embodying a leadership mentality We hone leadership in individuals through a mentoring style that give you a person to provide both counsel as wells as individual responsibilities. Our mentors lead by example by bestowing patience and affirmation in order to forge new team members into confident new leaders capable of managing the divers challenges of the projects they take on.

Professional Development

Technical abilities are critical, but we more so value character. Technical abilities are teachable, but character development is much more difficult to cultivate. We like to identify applicants who have a spark, and then elevate their natural potential by working with fellow like-minded team members.

Fast Track

We do not waste time in bringing you up to speed. Upon arrival to the team, we assign training videos, assign you a mentor, and involve you in a current project so that you can begin gaining hands-on experience. We believe in training you in multiple skills at once and allowing those skills to naturally enhance one another. An individual’s growth in leadership is only limited by the individual themselves, there are no other ceilings on the Team.