Who We Are

IKERD is an internationally recognized consulting group in buildings, civil and industrial construction markets. We focus on assisting project owners, designers and builders in achieving their goals in many areas, including Risk Management, Schedule Efficiency, Cost Control, and Quality. Using our knowledge of engineering, team dynamics, communication and technology, we have built an extensive breadth of experience on a wide variety of integrated construction project types, using Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our services include engineering and construction grade modeling of trade content, often incorporating 3D laser scanning which the firm provides internally.

Why Hire IKERD

IKERD is a unique collection of technicians, professionals and engineers that understand the construction process in addition to the technology that BIM brings to the building environment. Many firms understand and have mastered the BIM software as it applies to their specific area of expertise. What has not been mastered is the overall coordination (clash detection), transitioning from design level of modeling to construction level of modeling to development of shop drawings and automated Computer Controlled Fabrication. IKERD understands the big picture goal of completing the project under budget and within the schedule. In fact with the IKERD expertise, schedules can be improved through BIM technology identifying conflicts and problems before they impact the schedule. IKERD team members understand construction and design as well, not just BIM technology, therefore assisting the design/construction team develop economical solutions.