LIDAR – Laser Scanning

Today’s construction environment often demands accurate and extensive digital information about existing buildings, content, and objects. Laser Scanning (LIDAR) is the ability to take an electronic 3D image of anything within your line of sight to a high degree of accuracy.It creates a 3D electronic image that includes shape, texture, size, relative elevations and spatial relationships. This information can be translated into an accurate building information model, documenting existing conditions that can be used for documentation and future design.

IKERD has the expertise to perform laser scanning and the engineering expertise to provide accurate 3D measurements of objects, bringing value to the design/construction team. Our team can measure objects as small as individual pieces of equipment and as large as entire systems of buildings. As a result, you will have a greater ability to create designs that fit seamlessly within their environments and to avoid conflicts that are often found once work has begun.

Our clients have consistently found exceptional value in time and risk management from the models created from laser scanning, from structural remodeling to MEP trade work.


  • Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
  • Fountains at Farah PT Scan
  • St. Louis VA Hospital